Stonehurst Lodge Outdoor Learning Centre - About Us

Opened in September 2014, Stonehurst Lodge is the new primary base for Woodside Lodge. As a result, Woodside Lodge now caters for all school aged children from 4 to 19 years. Excitingly, Stonehurst Lodge is indeed situated on the popular Stonehurst Family Farm.

We have something very special at Stonehurst. The building itself has been renovated specifically to cater for needs of our primary aged students. However it's outside that sets us apart. Our outlook is truly breath-taking! (see image, top). Stonehurst Lodge is perfect for creating a calm and positive learning environment.

What Each Student Can Expect

• A safe, therapeutic environment.
• An Individualised Curriculum.
• Strong, positive relationships with staff.
• Experienced and skilled staff.
• A say in the subjects they study.
• Exciting curriculum opportunities.
• Their own workstation in the style of a booth.
• Classroom environment designed to be ASD friendly.
• The chance to join regular afterschool clubs with a range of activities.
• Many of the lessons to be taught outside of the traditional classroom environment.

• Progression to secondary learning, age 11-19 at Woodside Lodge.

And most importantly, an enjoyable “school” experience. See our mission >