Woodside Lodge Curriculum - '100% Tailored to Individual Needs'

Each students timetable will be 100% tailored to their individual needs. On entry to Woodside Lodge, each student will decide upon goals that will make up a “pathway” into employment and an independent life. Each subject a student undertakes will be relevant to the pathway they have chosen.

At Woodside Lodge we don't try to fit square pegs into round holes. Each pupil follows a personalised, flexible curriculum, planned for them and designed around their own interests and educational history. We use our stimulating educational environment, with unique vocational facilities, on a working farm, to create an engaging and inspiring programme of study for each student that changes the student's perception of education and leads to enjoyment of school, achievement and ultimately - aspiration.

With each session in the student's weekly timetable, we endeavour, as much as possible, to study outside the classroom, in the workshops, on the farm and in our community. Also, there is a massive emphasis on life skills within our curriculum. Without these vital skills no student will ever reach their full potential. We will develop a plan around each student’s needs, this could include cooking, independent travel, money skills or personal hygiene. In addition all students will be taken into the local community to encourage their confidence in accessing the local amenities; leisure centres and shops etc.

Woodside Lodge Curriculum - Subjects

Core Subjects
Maths, English, ICT, PSHE, Life Skills

Other Taught Subjects
Land Based Studies, Cooking, Art, Forest Schools, Music Technology, Photography, Citizenship, PE and Outdoor Pursuits

In addition, all students will have time on their weekly timetable, to pursue subjects and activities that have an interest in, or would like to try.